Marion Magambo


Hi, welcome to my blog, Not the Pod Type, a place for me to voice my thoughts on everything, mainly my interests. I’ve always wanted to have my own platform and I tried a few years back, 2015 to be exact, to have one but it turned out to be a journal (I was going through some heavy stuff.) After taking an infinite hiatus in 2018, I have decided this is the time for me to return. I chose ‘Not The Pod Type’ because I love podcasts and what I’ll talk about would fit perfectly into one BUT I am not comfortable with recording my voice and I don’t like to talk that much, let alone to myself but don’t get me wrong, this might change one day, we all grow. I could even start a YouTube channel. I am just starting with the blog now because this is where I am. We all begin somewhere.

Describing myself:
  • Scanner
  • Thinker
  • Creator
  • Writer